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Therapist Solutions has over 20 years experience in the Mental Health billing industry, providing a full suite of practice management and billing solutions for Mental Health Clinicians nationwide. Our industry leading approach provides our clients the opportunity to focus solely on patient care.  

We believe in a partnership approach, allowing the clinician freedom to decide what works best for them. And therefore, the freedom to focus on the most important task at hand; their patients. By tailoring our services to include options for each diverse practice, we have the capability to serve the largest of facilities while providing personalized support for the individual practitioner who needs a partner they can trust.  

Diligence, Accessibility & Knowledge

 We streamline billing and collections by ensuring accuracy upfront. While our web-based system operates in real-time, clients have the option to log into their own database and communicate with their Account Manager through the internal mobile-friendly messaging system. Additionally, database access allows viewing of patient balances & benefits, insurance balances and a mobile friendly scheduler.

Furthermore, each of our clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who oversees the entirety of the billing cycle. Our staff is thoroughly trained in mental health billing with a strong commitment to client service. Therapist Solutions employs the best in the field, expanding on our ability to provide timely cash flow and fast resolutions of denied claims.

We not only understand the sensitivity of the information we are handling but we also recognize that we play a crucial role in the profitability of our clients’ businesses. We are dedicated to providing the utmost transparency with the highest accessibility to gain and keep the trust of our valued clients. 

Mental Health Billing

Therapist Solutions' Mental Health Billing allows you to see your profession in a new light again


Our benefits department handles the tedious credentialing details and expedites approvals

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