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A boutique mental health billing and practice management agency with more than 20 years of experience, Therapist Solutions provides the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for clinicians nationwide, backed by our full-service support.

Our industry-leading service package gives you more time to focus on what matters most.

Patient Portal & Electronic Intake Process

To start your patient-clinician relationships off right, we’ll work together to build out the most appropriate patient intake process. Once your new clients have completed their intake paperwork, our staff will verify their benefits and eligibility based on the network status of your insurance portfolio. It’s important for our team to thoroughly understand how each claim will process in regards to copays, deductibles, and coinsurance along with any additional information we need to submit in order to get you paid for each session and billable service.

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Mental Health Billing

Claims are submitted quickly and accurately so that your practice receives consistent, predictable reimbursements. Since our staff and your staff work within the same software together, we have insight into the daily and weekly calendar of completed appointments. We bill directly from the software, eliminating the need for your admin staff to create billing logs or transaction forms.

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Patient Payment Collections

We assist with the collection of patient payments, generate statements, follow up on outstanding funds, and discuss balances with patients who need clarification on their insurance policies. To increase the chances of collecting all monies owed to you, we recommend requiring copays and deductibles at the time of service and having a ‘card on file’ policy. If you have different practice policies in place, we’re happy to work within those parameters as well.

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We spend the largest amount of time working on reconciling billing and reimbursement submissions for your account. You’ll receive all funds (insurance and patient payments) directly, while we receive electronic explanations of benefits, ensuring that payments are timely and accurate and addressing any discrepancies immediately.

Any addendums, appeals, or remediations are done as soon as notification is received from the payer. We also consistently work unpaid claims until we receive confirmation that payment has been remitted.

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Reporting & Practice Management

On a monthly basis, we’ll provide a full breakdown of the month’s total income, along with any patient balances that are being addressed. In addition, we can assist with payroll reporting for your clinicians.

Your team can also utilize the analytics reporting tools. Create and run reports needed for your internal workflow or to assist with general practice forecasting for growth planning and an overall understanding of the current state of your business. With hundreds of customizable reports, you’ll be able to make educated business decisions for your practice, confidently.