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Our specialized credentialing team has the knowledge and experience to credential any clinician within the behavioral health field. Whether it be commercial insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, our experience has allowed us to create relationships with network representatives at every insurance company which undoubtedly expedites the process. The intricacies of credentialing a group practice or facility is particularly time consuming considering the countless pieces of information secured to each providers license. Our background assists in working around ambiguous technicalities that cause so many applications to be denied.

It is beneficial for Clinicians entering the mental health industry to participate in multiple insurance plans while they expand their practice. Insurance carriers are a source of referrals as patients do often call their carrier directly when looking for a provider. Therapist Solutions makes enrollment recommendations based on a client's’ specific license type. Additionally, Therapist Solutions makes geo-specific insurance recommendations to confirm our clients are credentialed to provide services for the most common insurance carriers in the area.


Credentialing, as an extremely detail oriented and compliance focused process, requires constant attention. Your Credentialing Coordinator monitors application statuses and tends to any interferences on a daily basis. Insurance carriers are known for rejecting applications for slow response time, so this presence is invaluable when timing is critical. We also provide re-credentialing for providers as some insurances require enrollment reprocessing after a specified period. Our clients appreciate the direct access we create with insurance carriers relieving them of worrisome details.

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