Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Ensure Coverage & Reimbursement

Whether it be Medicare, Medicaid or Commercial Insurance, requirements vary and the details are critical in avoiding denials. Our dedicated Benefits Department also determines patient responsibility, which is necessary in understanding the entire reimbursement potential. One of the advantages of having our Benefits Department as the direct line of communication between your practice and the patient is that we are also able to establish expectations for any patient responsibility prior to their visit.

On-Going Support

Many Practices and providers fail to recognize that checking existing patient eligibility on a regular basis is important in avoiding denials. At the beginning of the plan year/calendar year, our team works diligently to obtain insurance benefits and confirm eligibility for all existing patients. Proactively verifying the most up-to date information provides a sense of security that our clients will be reimbursed for their services.


Insurance Knowledge:

Our service team works exclusively with Mental Health & Substance Abuse Professionals. Therefore, we understand the minutiae details that can dramatically affect the way insurance carriers process claims, reducing the likelihood of denial claims. Insurance processes in Mental Health are dramatically different than that of Medical Billing, and require different methodology of which our team has mastered.


We understand the urgency in checking eligibility for a patient interested in scheduling a session. Our entire staff is trained and prepared to provide this information for any insurance carrier expeditiously. For our clients who choose to utilize or cloud-based billing software, you or your staff can communicate directly with our Account Managers via a secure internal messaging system to exchange benefit information throughout the day. Patients also have the ability to call or fax our office directly with their insurance and demographic information when it's most convenient for them.

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