Mental Health Credentialing Services

Our credentialing team is experienced in paneling Mental Health Clinicians with all license types, insurances and different business structures.  Whether it be commercial insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, our experience has allowed us to create relationships with network representatives at every insurance company, expediting the process.

It is beneficial for Clinicians entering the mental health industry to participate in multiple insurance plans while they expand their practice. Insurance carriers are a source of referrals as patients often call their carrier directly when looking for a provider. Therapist Solutions can consult on enrollment recommendations based on a client’s specific license type and service location, considering common insurance carriers in the area.

Mental Health Credentialing is an extremely detail oriented and compliance focused process and requires constant attention.  After submitting the requested applications and necessary documents, your Credentialing Coordinator monitors application statuses and tends to any additional requirements on a daily basis. The consistent monitoring of applications is critical in ensuring timely and accurate acceptance into each network.

The intricacies of credentialing a group practice or facility is particularly time consuming considering the additional, in-depth requirements needed for network acceptance. Depending on your administrative team, our credentialing coordinators can work with each provider individually or an office management staff to retrieve all of the necessary information needed for your requested applications. We ensure that both the practice as well as any performing providers have the correct network status to provide services at the facility.

Due to recent increase in volume we are only credentialing within the state of Connecticut at this time.

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