Our Process

At Therapist Solutions, we believe in a partnership approach, giving you the freedom to decide what works best for you and therefore, the freedom to focus on the most important task at hand—your patients. Our unique service offers an incredibly high level of support, which we customize for each individual client.

Our proprietary mental health billing process has been custom created through 20+ years of experience and dedication in support of mental health clinicians. Our goal always has been (and always will be) to ensure mental health clinicians are rightfully and optimally reimbursed for the incredible work they do each day. Each of our staff members are trained extensively on all possible billing scenarios and solutions while being supported by multiple tiers of high-level management staff.

Dedicated Account Manager

All of our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager, who oversees the entirety of the billing cycle. We strive to provide an extremely personal service at a professional and expert level, maintaining trust and comfort for our valued clients. However, our staff works as a team. You’ll feel at ease knowing your account manager is supported by a team of other qualified experts within our organization.

Software & Tools

We provide all the tools you need in order to manage your day-to-day internally, while allowing us to do our job behind the scenes. We streamline billing and collections by ensuring accuracy upfront. Utilizing a top-of-the-line mental health practice management software, we provide real-time results for your practice. With the system’s enhanced workflow, our clients use the software alongside our team so Therapist Solutions can act as an extension of your practice.

All-in-One Solution

Therapist Solutions removes the painstaking decision of choosing multiple softwares to increase the productivity of your back-of-house. There’s no need to purchase or license any other programs to run your business. Since all components are housed in one single software, you can enjoy the ease of signing into one program for everything.

It’s important for us to communicate a sense of transparency as our team and your team work together in the software day in and day out. While some business owners are more hands-on and others are more hands-off, your involvement in the process is up to you. Since you can see the tasks that your account manager is completing in real time, you can feel comfortable knowing that they are doing everything possible to ensure timely and accurate payment for the services you provide.


During our onboarding process, we also assist with training your staff to optimally utilize the software, reducing time spent doing administrative tasks. We recognize that many of our incoming clients are currently using different software, EHRs, or billing programs, which is why we’ve designed a seamless onboarding process to minimize the stress on your practice as you transition.

The goal of our service as a whole is to provide expert knowledge, seamless service, and continual support to allow you the time and energy to focus solely on patient care. Our dedication and commitment to the growth of your practice is exemplified by our hundreds of satisfied clients whom we credit to the success of our growing company.