Who We Serve

At Therapist Solutions we consider ourselves subject matter experts, which is why we’ve made the deliberate decision to only focus on Mental Health. The intricacies of medical billing as a whole are vast and never ending. Which is why, as a company, we’ve developed proprietary methods to serve Mental Health Clinicians specifically, accounting for the notable differences between other medical fields. 

We’re passionate about serving Mental Health Clinicians just as we are about the importance of Mental Health in our country. We aspire to provide a dynamic, high level experience for our clients, providing them the assurance that the business end of their professional endeavors are taken care of. 

Our team continuously strives to stay ahead of the ever changing world of insurance and regulatory billing requirements. We hold monthly collaborative efficiency meetings where our team is brought up to speed on industry updates, trends and forecasting so we can provide the most efficient and effective service possible.