Group Practices

With our 20 years of experience, we understand the needs of a business that incorporates different providers with diverse specialities and credentials. Therapist Solutions allows your office to enjoy the same benefits and luxuries of having office staff without the expense. Our staff is readily available to assist practitioners with benefit verification, authorization or coding questions. Our HIPAA compliant, interactive billing program is accessible to authorized users within your office, operating under permissions determined by management. This multi-user technique streamlines communication between your practice and your dedicated Account Manager. Practitioners have access to the practice management system as well, eliminating the need for alternative scheduling software.

Particular to group practices, the division of financial reporting between practitioners is necessary for processing payroll reports and tracking the profitability of services. Having the knowledge to coordinate Group Practices’ with multiple NPI’s and multiple Tax ID’s eliminates the likelihood of filing claims incorrectly. Proper Group Practice organization avoids unfavorable action taken by insurance companies for filing outside of its requirements providing you the freedom to focus on the core element of your practice; client care.

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