Individual Clinicians

At Therapist Solutions, we take pride in adapting to any size practice. Our mental health billing services are customized with each individual client in mind. Clinicians in private practice operate under their own schedule and their own procedures, which is why our individualized service method is beneficial to so many.

As a private practice with no additional support staff, Therapist Solutions serves as a full extension of the business. Because patients call us directly, we create a communicative relationship for their future questions and inquiries. With Therapist Solutions administering intake forms, patient statements, and patient collections services, we form a natural divide between you as the clinician and receptionist duties.

We recognize that clinicians in private practice do not have the time or desire to understand the complexities of billing and seek to remove that from your to-do list. As you focus on patient care, we assist in tasks like authorization tracking and create reminders for our clients to complete authorizations when necessary. All of our clients receive a designated account manager who carries out the entire billing process. With direct access to one of our specialists, your account manager understands your communication style, workflow, and your client base. Account managers maintain a working knowledge of insurance legislation changes and provide guidance to ensure there is no interruption in reimbursement.

The service we provide for our clients in private practice is highly sophisticated and involved, and best suits larger private practices with heavy caseloads.