Mental Health & Substance Abuse Facilities

More than any other behavioral health operation, we understand obtaining reimbursement directly affects a facility’s ability to stay afloat. Facilities must establish key revenue drivers and an actionable billing plan to consistently increase profitability. Therapist Solutions provides insight into these elements, and can suggest creative solutions for the intricate details of managing a large facility.

We understand the expenses involved in running a specialized treatment facility. Our service eliminates the costs of hiring, training, and employing large numbers of in-house staff. Because of the in-depth involvement needed to manage the process of mental health medical billing, we employ the most experienced billing experts to manage this fundamental process.

As a sophisticated operation, facilities require multiple levels of vision into the claims process. Our program allows your front office staff entry into our software and access to information needed for patient processing while in the office, including access to demographics, benefits, scheduling, patient financial responsibility, and more.

Based on the size of your facility, a designated team of Therapist Solutions account managers will oversee the complete billing cycle for every session and every provider. Our team will provide direction and support to your front of house staff, your clinicians, and any other team member throughout the day.

Collections have become an essential margin for mental health & substance abuse facilities, which is why we can accommodate both in-person collection and credit card collection of patient balances. In the event unpaid balances accumulate, Therapist Solutions works together with your team to optimize patient balance collection.

If you do not currently have internal processes in place, our staff can offer sound advice based on proven systematic internal organization methods resulting in fast and consistent reimbursement.

Our team will maintain the intricate details of substance abuse medical billing and practice management, providing you the freedom to focus on the core element of your practice.